What We Do

Hope for Education

  • Sent $1000.00 to NVCC Educational Foundation for funding the 2018 GSF College Scholarship in December 2017
  • NVCC Educational Foundation awarded 2017 GSF College Scholarship to  NOVA student Fatima Miranda in Sep 2017.
  • Global Seva Fund established a "Global Seva Fund College Scholarship" at NVCC for $1000.00 to be awarded to eligible students every year

Save the Life

  • Pledged $ 5000.00 to support the patients needs at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital for year 2017 and 2018.
  • Donated $ 2500.00 pledged amount for 2017 in September 2017 and remaining $ 2500.00 to be paid by September 30, 2018

Help those in need

  • Remitted $2000.00 in Dec 2016 to Cuddles Foundation to continue our Support for the Children Nutrition program at AIMS Hospital New Delhi bringing our total contribution to $6000.00 to help children.
  • Remitted $2000.00 in Jan 2016 to continue our Support for the Children Nutrition program at AIMS Hospital New Delhi, India.
  • Partnered with to Mission Rebuild Nepal and gave $2000.00 to sponsor building of 5 houses in Nepal in Sep 2015
  • Remitted Rupees One Lakh to Cuddles Foundation of India in May 2015

Social Events

Senior Citizens Program

Organize programs for senior citizens to provide environment for socializing and healthy living.  

Social connection with others boost interaction and keep mind active.  Studies show that Seniors who stay active and engaged experience a variety of benefits, including: better cognitive function,  good emotional health and improved physical health. 

Day Trips

Organize Day Trips for sight seeings to historical and cultural heritage places which encourages social interaction and brings boost in individual's confidence. 

Group Luncheons

Organize group luncheons for membership drive and program awareness in community.

International Tours

Organize international tours for global sight seeings to historical and cultural places.