Cuddles Preserver Award

GSF received Cuddles Preserver Award in recognition of their support to feed and nourish Kids fighting cancer

UPF Ambassador for Peace Award

Shashi Chopra & Ravi Chopra received Ambassador for Peace Award from The Universal Peace Federation which acknowledges those individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others, and who dedicate themselves to the practices which promote universal moral values. 

GGF Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal Award

GGF Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal Award to Ravi Chopra and Shashi Chopra for exceptional community service and their dedication to serve the humanity on January 16, 2018 

INOVA Health Foundation

Received Certificate from INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital for GSF contribution to their Patient Need Fund and a Thank You note from INOVA Health Foundation for our pledged donation of $ 2,500

Mission Rebuild Nepal

Received Certificate of Appreciation from Mission Rebuild Nepal for donating 6 Transition Houses. This contribution has provided a safe place to the families displaced by two massive earthquakes that occurred in April and May 2015.